We’re an engineering company and manufacturer of composites for aerospace and non-aerospace applications.

We specialize in the design, processing, testing and manufacturing of composite materials and products, over the years, we have developed a variety of special techniques and know-hows in composite materials processing, and are equipped with specialized machinery to meet the processing demands of different materials. Our reputation and expertise is highly recognized in the industry.

We have long-term partnerships and extensive cooperation with universities, research institutes and aircraft manufacturers, and are involved in a number of aircraft projects in the composites processing and development of tooling and fixtures.

Our design and engineering staff has a thorough understanding of composite materials and manufacturing processes, we are well equipped to respond rapidly to changing customer needs. We have a strong capability for rapid prototyping, using parametric CAD software, quickly design and source 3D printed components to evaluate fit, form, and function. We can then machine tooling to be used in the molding process for Carbon Fiber, Fiberglass, and Kevlar components.

We specialize in Compressive Moulding, Resin Transfer Molding (RTM) as well as VARI and Vacuum Molding. With our CNC machining equipment to quickly produce tooling for parts.

Our paramount principle is quality-first, we practice in accordance with Civil Aviation Airworthiness Standard, and all processes can be traced through reverse tracking control to guarantee a consistent and reliable quality standard.

We combine materials technology, design, engineering & manufacturing expertise to provide reliable services and create innovative products …